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April is the Coolest Month – Just Poets Favorite Poem for April 4

As part of National Poetry Month, Just Poets members will share their favorite poems along with a brief note about why the poem is their favorite poem. Today’s poem is selected by Jen Eddy.


Frances Bragan Richman

Think Small

Think small, my son. Sometimes think very small.
Small as the impulse of pure energy
that tells a seed,  – grow now. Take root and bear
your individual blossom if you dare.
One golden poppy in a scarlet sea.

Speak softly, son, if you must speak at all.
The message is important, not the sound.
The battering of rain on a tin roof
is evidence, but if you want real proof
of rain, watch how it soaks into the ground.

Go slowly truthward. As a tree grows tall
it leaves the undergrowth. The time you need
has been provided. Do your part, no more.
Not every wave will break upon the shore.
Be guided like the rain, the tree, the seed.


Just Poets Member Statement:

This is a poem I cherish.  It was written by a personal friend, a gentle poet;  the rhythm, the rhyme scheme, the meaning, so wise.

– Jen Eddy



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