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Dwain Wilder’s Under the New Moon

FootHills Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Under the Only Moon, a collection of poetry by Dwain Wilder. (Ordering information is below, or just click the above or the picture of the cover.)

Dwain Wilder Under the Only Moon

Dwain Wilder, a native of a small town outside Dallas, moved to Rochester, NY, in 1970 to study Zen Buddhism. He has had a varied career as navy flightcrewmember, student of physics and American Studies, leadership roles in the Anti-Vietnam War and Civil Rights movements, itinerant builder and fruit picker, research lab technician, computer software engineer, and luthier (builder of stringed musical instruments). He holds three patents, in semi-conductor device design and musical instrument innovation.

He lives with his wife and their two dogs and a large noisy macaw, in a quaint, untidy farmhouse near a large park. He currently makes his livelihood in lutherie. Dwain’s Appalachian dulcimers are held in high regard, both here and abroad. Dwain also teaches dulcimer-building classes at the Northeast Dulcimer Symposium, in Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks, as well as in his studio.

Dwain also writes occasional essays on Zen practice. He has published poems in various periodicals and collections, and is editor emeritus of Zen Bow, the quarterly periodical of the Rochester Zen Center.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

A Small House

A small house makes a magic home,
being, as it must, larger on the inside
than out. Yet for all its wonders
its limitations impose,
or suggest, necessities, disciplines.

Similarly, those inhabiting a small house
must be larger inside than out,
ready for connections with all who are there
without the least suggestion of cobwebs
or bad electricity or sour plumbing.

Householding can be peculiar.
There may be no places
for closeting, for instance, or for make-up,
glue, hammer,
the odd inflammable.

Belongings should be as sparse, of course,
as harsh words. Loud expressions or feelings
may find little projection
in a small house,
Or may rattle it apart if persistent.

Living in a small house is a jewel to be glimpsed,
perhaps turned from time to time,
but never stared at.
To census-takers wanting the exact number of occupants,
reply there is no such figure.
Never, never measure the foundations.

And another excerpt:


Why does the loon cry in the night,
the finger point out the moon?
Gird not yourself against her tides
pulling at the water of you.

Under the Only Moon is a 72-page hand-stitched paper book with spine for only $15.00.

To see an image of the book, read the author’s foreword, bio, or other sample poems or to order online go to: http://foothillspublishing.com/2011/id25.htm.

To order through mail, send total price plus $1.75 Shipping and Handling for each address sent to. (NYS Residents please add $1.20 Sales Tax per book)

Send orders to:

FootHills Publishing
PO Box 68
Kanona, NY 14856


FootHills Publishing
In our 26th Year!
“Never Stop Asking for Poems”



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