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NaPoWriMo April 12 —

Today is filled  with opportunities for Poetry!

Leah Zazulyer at 7 at the Pittsford Barnes and Nobles.

Claudia Stanek and Jules Nyquist  at 8:15 at the Flying Squirrel, 285 Clarissa St., Rochester.


Claudia’s pick of a poem is by Max Jacobs:

Hell Has Gradations 

When I was working at the Fashion Cooperative I tried despite the watchful eye of the dark, ugly old maid to steal a pair of suspenders. I got chased down those splendid stairs not for the theft, but because I was a lazy worker who hated mindless finery. You descend, they follow. The stairs are less beautiful down by the offices than in the public area. They are less beautiful in shipping and handling than at the office level. They are even less beautiful down in the cellar! But what can I say about the swamp I came to? About the laughter? The animals I brushed against and the murmur of invisible things? The water turned into fire, my fear into a blackout. When I came to, I was in the hands of silent, unnamable surgeons. 

From Visions infernales 
Max Jacob 
Translated by William Kulik 

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