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NaPoWriMo April 13 — poem from a member

For those who could not make her reading yesterday, here is a poem by Just Poet, Leah Zazulyer,  featured at Barnes and Nobles at the Just Poet monthly reading.

Leah Zazulyer shares the imminent death of a 9 year old child of the best friend of Pat Janus,who was also her friend. The idea for the poem came into her head, i.e. the first line, while actually washing something by hand.   To paraphrase her explanation: The sorrow of the event is told symbolically with special emphasis on more simplistic cultural norms and not in a straight narrative format.

If the double stanza does not come out, one is to the left, the second to the right. Watch for use of double entendre, repetitious use of words and phrases. The circumstances around the historical event involved a kind of unique solidarity among a group of women.





I am washing

by hand

in cool water.

It is clearer

with each drop

wrung out

that bubbles vanish

as in a gentle river

where we women

each with our bundle

share the rocks

that sometimes shred

what is ours

into the river.

 ** (the next stanza should stand on the right hand side of the page.)

You are watching

his hands lanquish

cool as water.

It is clearer

with each breath’s bubble

he is wrung out

and moves into the river

while we women

share your burden

and are shredded

by the gentleness

in watching.





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