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NaPoWriMo — April 23

Welcome April Snow!

Today’s poem by Todd Davis is offered by M.J. Iuppa.


A Memory of Heaven

Ice is talking; water dreaming.

Overhead darkness pinched by starlight.

Below, in the mud of the world, turtle sleeps:

everything fluid, formless without the light

of a lantern. I must remember snow

is enough to see by, and ice will tell us

where we should step. At the end

of the valley limestone swallows water,

moon turns the trees blue, and red

crossbills look for seed among hemlocks.

Beneath the fields, water is talking

in its sleep; ice quiets its dreams.

What I write is always what comes after.

Finding Our Place

(from The Least of These)

 By line by Kathleen Norris: 

“The pioneer environmentalist Wendell Berry once asked a question that proved controversial: why do nature calendar photographs so seldom have people in them, as if we are not a part of nature? In its quiet, poignant way this poem gives us our rightful place in the natural word, and reveals how much it has to tell us: snow can be enough to see by, and ice will show us where to step. The poet as observer stands apart, but is also called to the human task of storytelling. His offering of words comes only after the silence of ice, limestone, and moonlight have had their say. ” http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Poetry%2FA+New+Way+of+Understanding%3A+A+Memory+of+Heaven+by+Todd+Davis.-a0206951855



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