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upcoming events — August-September 2012

Good to see rebuilding on the horizon, and FootHills hopefully back in business soon!
AUGUST 26: benefit reading in Montour Falls (near Watkins Glen)
 7-10 pm
Featuring an evening of poetry readings, musical performances
and silent auction of artwork.
171 Cedar Arts Center
Drake House Studio Theater
171 Cedar Street
Corning, NY 14830
Rebuilding 2Wanted to let everyone know of a couple of exciting projects that are aimed at fundraising to restore our home and business.

First, an Indiegogo Fundraising Project has just gone live. Indiegogo is the fundraising site that was used to raise money to send the grand-motherly school bus monitor in suburban Rochester, NY, who was harassed by students and the youtube of it gone viral, on a vacation. They ended up raising over $700,000 for her! That is not usual by any means, but Indiegogo is a valid and solidly recognized fundraising vehicle.

The Indiegogo Prooject is called “Raise the Roof for the Czarnecki Family” and can be accessed at

At the site you’ll find a short video created by Sean Lukasik that outlines the reason for the project. A few people have already said it has brought tears to their eyes. (Thank you Sean for volunteering your time and energy for this.) Also there are “Perks” that come with donating at different levels (sounds like NPR!?) I would like to offer those same perks to all of you who have already contributed to our cause before this Indiegogo site was launched. (I’ll work all that out in the near future. There’s so many other things that are drawing my energy right now,)
This is new to me, but as I understand it, the more people view the site, leave comments, contribute, etc the more it can get promoted.

So, what I would like to suggest is that you share this information and link to the Indiegogo site with your email contacts, Facebook contacts, and any other folks you connect with via this amazing web of connectivity (which I have become so much more appreciative of since the devastating fire.) The more people know about the campaign the better chance we have a reaching our goal, which will then get us back to “normal,” back to where we were before the fire. But never totally. The journals, the FootHills archive, the . . .

The second project is the fundraiser Silent Art Auction that will occur at 171 Cedar Arts Center in Corning on September 8. This will be an evening of poetry, music and a silent auction of art donated by artists to benefit our rebuilding efforts.

A number of you have wanted to know how you can contribute artwork for the event. Below the journal entry is information that should explain it all. If you have any questions, please drop me an email and I’ll try to help. I can send an MSWord or PDF attachment with the info if you’d prefer.

OK, this is it for now. As I’ve mentioned before, I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the response from so many who want to help our rebuilding. As each day goes on though, I realize more and more what isn’t here, what can and can’t be replaced. I hope this an experience none of you ever have to go through.

With sincere gratitude,

Never Stop Asking for Poems
Benefit for the Czarnecki Family
Saturday, September 8, 2012 7-10 pm
Featuring an evening of poetry readings, musical performances
and silent auction of artwork.
171 Cedar Arts Center
Drake House Studio Theater
171 Cedar Street
Corning, NY 14830
Silent Auction Artwork In-take Form
Thank you for your participation in this very important benefit. The friends of the Czarnecki Family are grateful to you for generously contributing your artistic work to benefit the Family’s rebuilding efforts after a devastating fire.
Name:______________________________________ Date:_____________
Address: ______________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________Email:____________________________

Please feel free to send information about yourself and your artwork.
Complete the information below for each piece of artwork you are contributing; retain a copy of this form for your records and include a copy with the artwork:
Please accept this/these work(s) of art; 100% of the proceeds are to benefit the Czarnecki Family. Any unsold works will become the property of the Czarnecki Family and be used to benefit the rebuilding of their home.
#1 Title of work: ___________________________________________________
Medium: _______________________________________________________
Dimensions: _________________________ Date of artwork: _____________
Retail Value: $_____________________

#2 Title of work: ___________________________________________________
Medium: _______________________________________________________
Dimensions: _________________________ Date of artwork: _____________
Retail Value: $_____________________
Mail artwork to: 171 Cedar Arts Center, 171 Cedar Street, Corning, NY 14830 Attention: Czarnecki Benefit
Note: 171 Cedar will not assume responsibility for damaged or missing artwork; unsold work will not be returned to the artists.


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