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special Creativity Workshop Friday October 26, 7-11 pm

ZOMBIES, GHOSTS, & VAMPIRES: A Creativity Workshop: The Undead in Our Lives:                      Friday October 26, 2012 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

As we move through autumn into winter, the earth moves in it’s transition into slumber, stillness, and death. At this time the veil between the dead and the living is most permeable, providing opportunities to come into right relationship with those that have moved on and also shedding the parts of ourselves and our relationships that no longer serve. In this workshop, we will have the opportunity to meet and then offer up those dead energies, creating the space needed for regeneration.

Our life force can be sapped and sucked away by the influences of the undead. Using metaphor and symbol, we will call into consciousness, and face, our zombies, ghosts, and vampires. Zombies can be seen as the unconscious aspects of self that wreak havoc and destruction in our lives. Vampires represent obsessions, addictions, and/or unhealthy relationships that drain our vitality, our lifeʼs “blood”. Ghosts and specters are the holes left in our spirits and psyches when we have loss. Using meditation, shamanic journeying, and ritual, we will look directly at the impact of the undead, bringing them into consciousness, and re-integrating the vitality that can benefit our lives.

About The Instructors:

Dave Tilley is a poet, visual artist, and shamanic practitioner. Steeped in both Jung and Lacan his connection to psychology is linked to archetype and language. In exploring shadow he draws on a heritage of celtic myth and the way of faery. His most recent work in the Scotland has deepened his connection to ancient sites and walking in Other Worlds.

Web: hollowbonearts.wordpress.com

Lisa L. Lindsay, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who voyages with others into the connections between soma, spirit, and psyche. As a forager into the dark, calling upon indigenous practices, deeper embodiment, and organically arising ritual, she seeks the sparks of light that exist therein to be brought back for illumination into life.

Web: LisaLLindsay.com

Location The Carriage House

693 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14607

Registration Required * Cost Class limit of 15 participants Email: dtilley@rochester.rr.com Phone: (585) 730-3631

Workshop Price: $75 Early Registration by Oct 12: $65

* To register, please send an email stating your intent, and registration materials will be forwarded. For those without email please call.


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