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This week-end, thanks to the initiative of Patricia Schwartz who obtained a grant for a week-end of celebrating the “Art of the Word”  the Phelps Art Center hosted a reading Friday and a memoir workshop Saturday led by Sonia Livingston.  Sunday four JP  poets were invited to share their work in the intimate reading/reception area which church offices once occupied.  Surrounded by sculptures and paintings, Ron Bailey, Karla Merrifield, Kitty Jospé and Pat Schwartz read, or rather performed with great gusto.

Each time a poet would ask, “how am I doing on time”, an enthusiastic,”you’re within the 20 minutes” encouraged yet more words.  The poems ranged from enactments of baseball games, children’s hands, mating ritual of the Clacking Sula Nebouxii to name but a few,  to persona poems, including a bumblebee in a yellow and black stripped T-shirt, who never would be caught sipping a bloody Mary in some island resort, a “cliché parfait”, a demon who drops by to tempt the unwary and Mme. Scarlatini.

We heard love poems that included nature, as well as guns,  images to satiate hunger, heal trauma, the sharing of childhood memories.  Our imaginations were given a chance to witness what a poem might do, if “let out at night”, to spy on a halloween party, or an 8 year old’s memory of falling in love with a baseball player told in 9 innings of “color” commentary. The  hour and a half FLEW by ,  the audience spellbound by narrative, lyric,  whirled in senses.  Refreshments were provided — which like the reading and art, were FREE, thanks to Pat’s grant.

It is rare that an audience responds by clapping after individual poems — but this was the rule, instead of the exception, and a witness to the power of the poetry.

Patricia Schwartz is planning a similar event for the Spring.  We urge you to attend – it is free, and a wonderful setting in which to enjoy poetry.


About the Center:

Only 50 minutes from Rochester, just east of Canandaigua, Phelps a small, but charming town has a well-kept secret:  a church which has been turned into The Phelps Art Center!  In the former sanctuary of the church, imagine  modern stained-glass windows filtering light to rainbow into a gallery space.  At the moment, there is a fascinating exhibit of sculpture made out of toothpicks –

a ships, a guitar, the Eiffel Tower, The Statue of Liberty, Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, located in Dubai and much more.  For more information about the Phelps Art Center: http://www.phelpsartscenter.com/blog/?page_id=12


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  1. Beautiful summary of a marvelous reading. Such energy and imagery! I’m still tingling!

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