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Monday Poetry Prompt

I hope that everyone had a great time at the JP meeting on Saturday; I know I did! The “ModPo” discussion was extremely interesting. Thanks again to Kitty, Linda, and Martha for their well-prepared and enlightening presentation.

For those interested in checking it out for themselves go to:


The different projects “assigned” as part of the course reminded me of my lonely JP Poetry Prompt I posted way back when!

It is my goal to post a prompt every Monday in hopes that they inspire us to start tackling our poetic impulses earlier in the week!

So here it goes:

For today’s prompt, in honor of last night’s Super Bowl, write a poem about “commercials.” It could be about an actual commercial, an imagined ad, a billboard, anything really that has to do with the idea of marketing or advertising. Just have fun with it! Feel free to post your poems as comments to this post or email them to other JP members for feedback!

And…if you ever have your own any ideas for prompts, please email them to me at david.yockel.jr@gmail.com. I would be happy to post them on the blog for all of our enjoyment and, possibly, consternation… Ha ha!


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