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Monday Poetry Prompt

Alright then, already week two of our poetry prompts!

For today, write a poem about tardiness. Is there a co-worker that is always late? Are you past deadline on that big article? Maybe you want to go in a different direction, like writing about  how you had to put sour milk in your coffee this morning because it was past its freshness date. Be creative!


One Response

  1. Hello, I can’t believe I found this site and it has been updated fairly recently! I have been searching for poetry groups in Rochester for years. I remembered your group, but despaired when I went to http://www.justpoets.org and it was gone. I’ve no idea how long that site has been down, but I thought somehow the group had been dissolved. Here are my musings on the prompt of tardiness. Not quite tardiness I suppose, but it’s what came to me.

    late bloomer

    for the tardiness
    of nasturtium and her fiery
    fairies rushing, bustling
    behind our glances,

    for the late redwine lilacs
    which miss our festivals
    and with purpose and flare
    bloom precisely
    when they ought,

    we two stroll by at last,
    hearts afire, and happen
    upon the kindred blossoms

    of hardy shoots which
    took their time
    prepared and watched
    and weathered icy frosts

    which whispered to us
    called out for us

    while waiting underground,

    I bunkered down,
    have yet no child.
    I married late,
    and have not yet
    finished college.

    worked back to bone

    while tendrils,
    slowly, greedily
    grip the stalk
    to be sure,
    be sure
    there will
    be a bloom
    at all.

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