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April is Here! National Poetry Month!

Despite the erratic weather, April is here. I promise, and to celebrate National Poetry Month, Just Poets members have chosen a favorite poem. I will be posting a poem every day, as well as a prompt inspired by the piece. So, here we go.


Our first poem was chosen by Phil Morabito:


I’ll be There – poem by C. David Hay, set to music by Phil.


When the days wane long and dreary

the nights are longer still

Trust I’m watching over you

and I always will.


Sonnets of love are sweet refrain

but none can ever compare

to simple vows from the heart

I promise I’ll be there.


I am your guardian angel

together we have flown

but when your wings grow weary,

you’ll never be alone


I hope you’ll always understand

that I’ll forever care

and when you need to reach for me,

you’ll find that I am there.

            You’ll find   that I   am   there.


Thanks, Phil, for your beautiful choice (and for making my prompt inspiration easy and intuitive!). For today’s prompt, write a sonnet. For those not familiar with the form, or if it’s been a long time since that course in Shakespearean Lit, you can see some examples of basic sonnet form here:



Have fun and check back tomorrow for another poem, and another prompt!


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