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April 7th JP Poem Pick

So sorry that it has taken me until almost 10pm to post this, but its been a crazy day. Anyway, enough of my whining! Here’s our poem for today. Thanks to Virginia Hines for picking it!

A Night in the Royal Ontario Museum   by Margaret Atwood


Who locked me

into this crazed man-made

stone brain

where the weathered

totem pole jabs a blunt

finger at the byzantine

mosaic dome

Under that ornate

golden cranium I wander

among fragments of gods, tarnished

coins, embalmed gestures

chronologically arranged,

looking for the EXIT sign

but in spite of the diagrams

at every corner, labelled

in red: YOU ARE HERE

the labyrinth holds me,

turning me around

the cafeteria, the washrooms,

a spiral through marble

Greece and Rome, the bronze

horses of China

then past the carved masks, wood and fur

to where 5 plaster Indians

in a glass case

squat near a dusty fire

and further, confronting me

with a skeleton child, preserved

in the desert air, curled

beside a clay pot and a few beads.

I say I am far

enough, stop here please

no more

but the perverse museum, corridor

by corridor, and idiot

voice jogged by a pushed

button, repeats its memories

and I am dragged to the mind’s

deadend, the roar of the bone-

yard, I am lost

among the mastodons

and beyond: a fossil

shell, then

samples of rocks

and minerals, even the thundering

tusks dwindling to pin-

points in the stellar


wastes of geology


Let’s write a “crazy” poem today (tonight, again, sorry!). It could be actually insane, it could be about Steve Martin (“Wild & Crazy Guy”) or the rhyme and meter could be erratic–however you interpret the prompt. Be creative and have fun!!!


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