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April 10th JP Poem Pick

Thanks to Celeste Schantz for sending in today’s poem. Hope you all enjoy!

Notes From a Nonexistent Himalayan Expedition

by Wislawa Szymborska


So these are the Himalayas.

Mountains racing to the moon.

The moment of their start recorded

on the startling, ripped canvas of the sky.

Holes punched in a desert of clouds.

Thrust into nothing.

Echo—a white mute.



Yeti, down there we’ve got Wednesday,

bread and alphabets.

Two times two is four.

Roses are red there,

and violets are blue.


Yeti, crime is not all

we’re up to down there.

Yeti, not every sentence there

means death.


We’ve inherited hope —

the gift of forgetting.

You’ll see how we give

birth among the ruins.


Yeti, we’ve got Shakespeare there.

Yeti, we play solitaire

and violin. At nightfall,

we turn lights on, Yeti.


Up here it’s neither moon nor earth.

Tears freeze.

Oh Yeti, semi-moonman,

turn back, think again!


I called this to the Yeti

inside four walls of avalanche,

stomping my feet for warmth

on the everlasting




Wow. What a gorgeous poem. I especially love “Yeti, down there we’ve got Wednesday,/ bread and alphabets.” Awesome. 

So, for today’s poem, let’s write about letters. Love letters, resignations, the letters of the alphabet, or even David Letterman. Have fun.



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