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April 11th JP Poem Pick

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all surviving the depressing weather.
Here is a poem by Carmen Calatayud, who is a Washington, D.C. poet and non-fiction writer.
Today’s piece was chosen by Elaine Thayer-Olsson.

Soul Search in Mexico
by Carmen Calatayud

We still try to learn from this fractured habitat.
Open the body, read the inscription. It says:
“This is a humid country broken into corn.”

Vapors rise, and statues grow
like shadows of the town insomniac
who wrestles with diamonds at night.

Skull of sugar, arms of cloud.
Too weak to fling beating hearts down the steps.

To feed the sun and hear nothing from the stars.

Look for foam in the garden.
Always emotion throat over stem,
then devour beautiful air.

To hear one swan word that dilutes angst.

Everything dark, then born to earth and sky.
Spirits return to chocolate soil.

Unfinished dream, the small lunar stone
explains sand lost between fingers.

This place enormous, without a door.

The answer so long in coming,
asleep in bodies we haven’t met.

For today, let’s write a “forecast” poem. It could be about the weather, or a fortune teller. As always, have fun and be creative!

PS: Bill Heyen is reading at a new bookstore on Monroe Ave. tonight called Before Your Quiet Eyes.
Here are some more details:

Tonight is the grand re-opening of the store. The festivities are from 7-10pm, and Bill heyen will read at 8. There will be wine and food, and of course, a lot of books to dig through!

Again, the bookstore is named Before Your Quiet Eyes. It’s at 439 Monroe Ave. It’s not visible from the street, so here are specific directions for finding it:

1. It’s between Meigs and Averill on Monroe, directly across from the 711 and McDonald’s in that block.

2. Go in the driveway directly across the 711–it’s very wide. On the right side of the driveway is an unsigned (seriously!) gas station, beige brick with a white roof.

3. The first sign you’ll see immediately on your left is for the Park Bench Pub. Second is Voula’s (the Greek place I mentioned). Then you will see a door signed with both Pixel Preserve and Psychic’s Thyme–it will also have the number 439 on it.

4. Park anywhere in the lot, which is very deep. If for some reason it’s full, there is on-street parking throughout the area.

5. Go to the door described in #3–when you get to it, you’ll see a small purple sign for Before Your Quiet Eyes. Just inside it, you’ll see a door on your left–that’s the bookstore.

Thanks to Colleen for sending these detailed directions. Hope some of you can brave the rain and make it out tonight!


2 Responses

  1. Super poem…I have never heard of Calatayud, but will definitely check her out.

  2. Evocative poem. Thanks, Elaine!

    Correction: Bill Heyen’s reading is this Saturday, the 13th. Tonight’s reading is our JP open mic at Barnes & Noble, Pittsford, with George Wallace.

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