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April 14th JP Poem Pick

The Belle of Amherst. The Eccentric Recluse. Whatever you choose to call her, Emily Dickinson is one of the most influential poets that has ever lived. Thanks to Joe St. Martin for selecting today’s piece, and reminding us just how brilliant Dickinson was…

A narrow fellow in the grass

Occasionally rides;

You may have met him,–did you not,

His notice sudden is.

The grass divides as with a comb,

A spotted shaft is seen;

And then it closes at your feet

And opens further on.


He likes a boggy acre,

A floor too cool for corn.

Yet when a child, and barefoot,

I more than once, at morn,


Have passed, I thought, a whip-lash

Unbraiding in the sun,–

When, stooping to secure it,

It wrinkled, and was gone.


Several of nature’s people

I know, and they know me;

I feel for them a transport

Of cordiality;


But never met this fellow,

Attended or alone,

Without a tighter breathing,

And zero at the bone.



For today’s prompt, write a poem about a body part. Bones, arms, legs, eyes, you know what I’m saying. Have fun!



One Response

  1. BROW Brow–body’s gabled front,/basilica, under sun/of open roads–blackened,/facing sky and mountains/hatched severe blue/thoughts,/budding akin to/flowered fields:/carnations, downy/chamomile, poppies–/strong, simple/after they’ve been cut,/lapidaries mounted/in fine settings/paradoxes, parables,/apologues blossomed into/real luxuriance/ from your mouth:/no syllogisms/no uncut stones of/logic/strung on the neck/of death like/a necklace. –G. E. Schwartz

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