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April 19th JP Poem Pick

Thank you, David Michael Nixon, for choosing today’s poem by Maureen Owen.


Poem to Piss Everyone Off – by Maureen Owen

I had the feeling early this summer of discovering

Gertrude Stein.  I borrowed a copy of her selected

writings from Dick and retired here to read them.

I have this dazzling image of running through a wide empty

field towards her as she rose from a white rattan chair

during her garden tea. As I gradually drew within less

distance of her I felt some of my initial exuberance give

way & just as I came abreast of her I was stricken with

such overwhelming  boredom that I instantly kicked her cane

out from under her and sped on by.


Awesome! Irreverence is such fun, isn’t it?

So, let’s have some fun! Write an irreverent poem. Write a poem that you think might piss someone off! 


2 Responses

  1. What a perfect image!

  2. And Alice Toklas chased after me and dumped a left-over pot of chicken soup alll over me. I knew Alice Toklas was a great cook but in this instance I didn’t get a chance to taste her talent in the kitchen. She returned to Gertrude and when I last saw them they were going inside their home, both contented to be alone. And safe from “bored”
    strangers who acted so unseemly. Now what do I do next?

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