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April 24th JP Poem Pick

Thanks to Larry Berger for choosing today’s poem.

A poem from “The Giggling Goddess of the Spoken Word” 


Stream of Consciousness


Do you fear me cause I wear a purple friendship bracelet?

Do you fear having me as a friend?

Are you afraid to introduce me to your grandparents?

The only perfect thing about me is my perfect lack of confidence

does that freak you out?

I’m fat. How does that sit with you?

I wear political pins does that bother you?

I’m a bookworm. Does that depress you?

Are you terrified cause i’ve been bas mitzvahed

Are you scared cause i think spiders are sacred?

I’m left handed, ooooooooooooo No comment.

Do you worry about me cause i’m a virgin?

Cause i’m loud and sometimes embarrassing

are you wary of spending time with me?

I know where the feminist bookstores are in a whole bunch of states

Does that make you tremble?

People think i’m younger and older than i am

Does that reflect badly on you somehow?

I don’t always comb my hair

can you hear it coming?

Is it my ugliness or beauty that frightens you the most?

Are you afraid of me cause i’m human?


Learn more about Ellyn Maybe by clicking on her name!


Really interesting, and human, poem. For today, let’s write a poem about fear. Fear of deadlines, heights, or clowns. Being human, there are soooo many things to choose from!


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