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April 30th JP Poem Pick

I am so sorry everyone! I have been in bed all day with some kind of stomach bug. But, here is our last poem of the month. How sad! I can’t believe that National Poetry Month is over already! 

Today’s finale was chosen by Nancy Chalker-Tenant. Apparently, Rochester has a Marsden Harley painting in the Memorial Art Gallery. And, Nancy says, “it is good to be reminded how artists see the creative process.” 

Nancy found this in “The Open Door: 100 years of Poetry Magazine”



We are most original when we are most like life. Life is

the natural thing. Interpretation is the factitious. Nature

is always variable. To have an eye with a brain in it–that

is, or rather would be, the poetic millennium. We are

not moonlit strummers now: we are gun-pointers and



Marsden Hartley,  December 1919


Very interesting choice, Nancy.

Before I give today’s prompt, I just wanted to say thank you to all who have participated in this month’s activities by choosing poems, writing poems, or responding to poems. I had such a great time posting a poem and a prompt every day. I can’t wait till next April!!!

So, for today’s prompt, let’s write an “ending” poem. As always, this means whatever you want it to mean. Have fun. 

One more short notice: I will continue to post a weekly prompt every Monday Morning. So stay tuned!


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