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Pre-Order Kitty’s New Book!!!

“Mosaic,” explains Kitty Jospé, “is the hard work of the

muses, which is to imagine what isn’t, break what is and

piece together the broken into a new whole.” In poem after

poem, Jospé does this hard work for her reader, breaking 

what is and offering up an assemblage of mythologies

within mythologies, At their best, her poems are alchemy –

– pieced together like a clenched fist from the fragmented

heart of stone. Or pulled, like a sword, from solid stone. In

these pages the Medusa’s mad stare. In these pages poems

sinuous as tempered steel. In these pages poems that sting

us to profound silence, like golden honeybees sprung from

Machado’s broken heart.” – George Wallace, Writer in Residence, Walt Whitman Birthplace

About the author:

Kitty Jospé is a teacher, docent and writer with the code word “enthusiasm”

to bring out the inner spark in others. After retiring from teaching French,

she continues to teach, giving talks which combine her love of language, art,

dance, music, theatre. Since 2008, she has offered a weekly class in poetry

appreciation which has a large following.


MOSAICQ was a semi-finalist in the 2012 Finishing Line Press Women’s Voices competition.

Her first book, Cadences is available from Foothills Publishing, http://www.foothillspublishing.com/2010/id51.htm

To pre-order the new book click this link:


Pre-Order period ends May 31st.


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  1. Could you offer a sample poem? Thank you!

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