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Early Morning Monday Poetry Prompt

Ok–I totally forgot to post a prompt last Monday, so I am doing it a little early this week! Let’s write a “missing” poem. As usual, please interpret as you see fit. 

And thanks to those who have shared their responses to some of these prompts! I love to see what comes from these exercises. Hope you all have a great week!


2 Responses

  1. Just wanted to qualify my earlier comment. Celeste’s poem was beautifully, but this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. And what is most ridiculous is that, honestly, I am not surprised by the verdict. The world really has a way of underwhelming sometimes, doesn’t it…?

  2. You’re right on, David. I am disappointed by the verdict, disappointed by the looting and vandalism and hitting people in the head with hammers, I am disappointed that people want book deals but also that other people want to take away the author’s right to write a book. You can’t deny someone their rights in a democracy just because you disagree with them. I believe that racism is alive and ugly as ever, but also that sometimes people insist on seeing the spirit of racism in places where it no longer truly exists. No extreme is good. I hate the way other countries see the USA, too. But most of all I hate to see the useless loss of life, which is what the poem is about.

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