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JP Poetry Prompt

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! It was so nice to see many of you at Saturday’s meeting. Thanks again to Steve DeRidder for giving a very interesting talk on using objects as subjects. There was a rewarding writing activity, and, as usual, an extremely inspiring workshop this week.

So, for today’s prompt, let’s stay on the theme and write a poem about an object. But, the catch is that it must be about one of these things:








Maybe it would be fun to include more than one, or several of these objects into the same piece. As always, be creative and share your poems if you’d like!!!

Have a great week.


One Response

  1. moth settles on my neck
    camera opens partway, shutter stuck
    to stereo’s booming nemesis
    car’s jumping to the beat
    while I drink my book on centering
    before having to turn it in to the library


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