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Announcing the Just Poets Janus Award for Poetry

The Just Poets Board of Directors is pleased to announce the creation of the annual Janus Award for Poetry, to be launched in conjunction with the 2014 Le Mot Juste.


The annual award, developed by Celeste Schantz with the support of Karla Linn Merrifield, Colleen Powderly and Wanda Schubmehl of the Le Mot Juste 2014 Editorial Board, honors Patricia Janus (April 20, 1932-June 9, 2006), a Rochester poet and long-time Just Poets member whose excellent poetry exhibited a great sense of personal and poetic integrity.  (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patricia_Janus for further details.) 


The award will be given annually to one recipient and one finalist whose poems selected from those to be published in Le Mot Juste in the judge’s eyes embodies the greatest literary integrity. That is, the judge deems the winning and finalist poems to possess great poetic integrity, whether this integrity be the most faithful use of a particular poetic form; integrity of lyric voice; integrity in use of consistent metaphor and/or fresh language; integrity of image; or integrity of another poetic element reflecting “integrity” as the judge deems fit.


The award is one more way in which Just Poets furthers its mission to advance, encourage and develop poets, poetry and the poetic voice. The Janus Award will also serve as a catalyst for outreach, membership, publicity, development, and revenue generation, as well as enhance Just Poet’s profile within the greater Rochester community, and also provide a firmer foundation of “street cred” for other projects we sponsor such as the Rochester Poet Laureate.


Cash award and recognition: The winner of the Janus Award will receive a commemorative certificate with his/her name, judge’s name, poem title, etc. as well as a cash prize of $75 and five issues of that year’s Le Mot Juste. The finalist for the Janus Award will receive a commemorative certificate with his/her name, judge’s name, poem title, etc. as well as a cash prize of $25 and three issues of that year’s LMJ . Also, the winning entries of both the winner and the finalist will be published in a designated section of LMJ to highlight their achievement; and both winner and finalist will be announced in the press release to regional and national media as well as regional arts organizations.


The winner and the finalist of the Janus Award will be announcedat the regular JP April meeting and the awards presentation will take place at the JP annual June Picnic. 


How to submit: The Janus Award competition is open to all Just Poets members in good standing.  And participation couldn’t be easier.  When you submit your poems to Le Mot Juste 2014, your poems will automatically be considered for the award!  (Guidelines for submission to be published soon; look for details in your email inbox and on the Just Poets blog.) 


Of the three submissions received from each poet, the Editor and Editorial Board will select in a blind process the one poem from each member’s submission that will be published in Le Mot Juste and which the Editorial Board feels best meets the award’s criteria.  All selected poems then be forwarded to the award judge, who will blindly select the award winner and finalist.  Friends and family members of the judge are also ineligible.


The 2014 award judge:  Eve Hanninen, editor and publisher of The Centrifugal Eye, one of the preeminent international poetry journals, who is familiar with the work of many of our members, will be the 2014 Janus Award judge.


            Eve Anthony Hanninen is not only editor-in-chief and publisher of The Centrifugal Eye poetry journal, but also she’s an American poet and illustrator currently ranging the Saskatchewan prairies.  Her poems have appeared in Eye Socket Journal, Karla Linn Merrifield & Friends (mgversion2>datura), Switched-on Gutenberg, Sea Stories, Magnolia: A Florida Journal of Literary and Fine Arts, and many other literary journals, both in print and online.  Her work may also be found in The Centrifugal Eye’s 5th-Anniversary Anthology (staff selections), Lynn Strongin’s Crazed by the Sun, and Trim:  A Mannequin Envy Anthology.  Eve is additionally producing 2 other publishing imprints:  Centrifugal Works, and Sylvanshine Editions. 


            Find out more about Hanninen at her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/eahanninen. To read The Centrifugal Eye, go to www.centrifugaleye.com/.







 Thanks to everyone who did work on this project!!!!


2 Responses

  1. You may want to contact Pat Janus’s son about this. He tried for a while, with very little response, to resurrect the Pat Janus Scholarship we set up when we formed Just Poets. Kevin might we happy to learn of this new development.

    As far as I know, Kevin can be still be reached at klj777@misfitfarm.org

    On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 5:36 PM, thejustpoets

  2. Thanks, Donna. I’d like to learn more about the original scholarship, from any who have info.


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